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LEGO Market Street 10190 Modular

LEGO Market Street 10190 Modular

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LEGO 10190 Market Street

Market Street was the second of the Modular Buildings series and designed by Dutch Lego fan Eric Brok under the Lego Factory theme, a theme consisting of sets designed primarily by fans of Lego and not by the Lego design team.

It was originally released as a sequel to Café Corner in the fall of 2007. The set contains 1,236 pieces and is recommended for builders aged 10 years or older. It was one of the first leading buildings. The set includes opening doors and windows, a gate, a striped awning and three minifigures. Advanced construction techniques used in Market Street include: curved stairs, "stripped paint" sections on the walls, removable floors, Dutch/Belgian stepped roof, a cellar, staggered windows and wrought iron decoration and gate.

Market Street is a unique set in the Modular Buildings series as it consists of less than 2000 parts and is recommended for builders aged 10 years and over instead of the usual 16 years. One of the reasons this set was smaller than the others was to provide a lower cost entry point in the Modular Buildings series. Before 2018, this was the only modular building set with minifigures that didn't all have the classic Lego smile.

As a Lego Factory set, Market Street had to showcase a fan design, promoting Lego Factory's design-it-yourself vision. The modularity of the resulting model could also inspire people to design their own floor modules (or furniture sets) in Factory, without having to build an entire house.

Market Street is the only set in the series released with Lego Factory branding on the box - and as such, it is sometimes questioned how officially it was intended as a modular building entrance, given that it was designed by a fan rather than a Lego designer.[12] Eric Brok, a fan from the Netherlands, designed the set in close collaboration with LEGO designers.[10]

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