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LEGO Green Grocer 10185 Modular

LEGO Green Grocer 10185 Modular

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LEGO 10185 Greengrocer Modular LEGO Icons @2TTOYS

Green Grocer (set number: 10185) was the third of the Modular Buildings series. It was originally released in March 2008.[13] The set contains 2352 parts and is recommended for builders aged 16 years or older. Some of the set's features include a blue and white awning, opening doors and windows, a detailed interior of each room, a roof terrace, a fire escape, access to a courtyard behind the building and four minifigures.[14] Advanced construction techniques used in Green Grocer include using black skeleton legs and hammers to create balustrades, black spear guns as railings for the fire escape, a paddle for a pendulum in a grandfather clock, and hinges to create a bay window .[15]

Plenty of details

Green Grocer differs from the previous two sets in the series because it contains more detail. Where Café Corner and Market Street had a bare interior, each floor in Green Grocer contains a prop such as a radiator or some furniture. The first floor is fully equipped as a grocery store with refrigerated shelves with French doors and boxes of food. The range of Lego foods in the supermarket includes carrots, apples and bananas. There is also a staircase to the apartment above and a letterbox set with letters.[15]

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