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LEGO Ferrari Formula 1 F1 car 8386 Speedchampions

LEGO Ferrari Formula 1 F1 car 8386 Speedchampions

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LEGO 8386 Ferrari Formula 1 F1 car

Do you consider yourself one of the Tifosi? Then you will undoubtedly appreciate this LEGO® Technic Ferrari F1 racing car from 2006. This 61 cm long F1 car is one of the largest LEGO Ferrari models ever made and is more than detailed.

It comes with cool features such as a working suspension, a steering wheel that allows you to move the front wheels and twelve reciprocating pistons in the engine. From the YAS Marina Circuit to the legendary Silverstone, this LEGO Racers version of the Scuderia racing car will make the heart of any F1 fan beat faster.

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