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LEGO Character Packs – Series 5 71410 Super Mario )

LEGO Character Packs – Series 5 71410 Super Mario )

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LEGO 71410 Character Packs – Series 5 LEGO Super Mario @2TTOYS

Kids can take their LEGO® Super Mario™ adventures to the next level with the collectible Character Packs – Series 5 (71410). Each pack contains a random buildable character with an action tag, plus a mini model they can use as a stand or in the level. There are 8 LEGO Super Mario characters to collect: Nabbit, plus a purple Toad, Hammer Bro, Waddlewing, Toady, Baby Yoshi, red Yoshi and blue Shy Guy. You need a starter set (71360, 71387 or 71403) to play with it.

Printed and digital building instructions Each bag is a nice surprise for children aged 6 and over and contains building instructions. You'll also find instructions in the LEGO Super Mario app, plus digital display features to take the building experience to a whole new level.

Limitless possibilities LEGO Super Mario toy sets bring Super Mario™ characters to life in the real world. With the starter sets and expansion sets, builders can create and customize unique levels.


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