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LEGO Disney Princess Creative Castles 43219 Disney

LEGO Disney Princess Creative Castles 43219 Disney

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LEGO 43219 Disney Princess Creative Castles LEGO Disney @2TTOYS

Inspire children aged 6 and up with LEGO® ǀ Disney: Disney Princess Creative Castles (43219). This building and play set contains a mix of special and regular parts, LEGO mini-dolls of Disney's Belle and Cinderella, LEGO figures of Lumière and Pieter and 2 instruction posters to build together with family or friends. Kids can use the LEGO Builder app for an easy and intuitive building adventure: zoom in, rotate models in 3D, save sets and track progress.

Endless fun

Disney Princess fans will be entertained for hours with this mini castle set. They can play with the set alone or together and add it to other LEGO ǀ Disney sets (each set sold separately).

Well-known Disney Princess characters

Disney's Belle and Cinderella, plus Lumière and Pieter, stimulate children's imaginations as they role-play familiar stories or create new ones. This building toy makes a great birthday gift for fans or kids who enjoy active play.


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